You will have heard of flint and steel as a fire starting method; there are others, too, like lighters, matches, and even magnifying glasses. Ferro rods tend to be the more reliable option for survival situations because wet, snowy, and humid conditions won’t impact your ability to get a flame on dry tinder. They’re helpful in emergencies or when you want to cook a hot meal.

When it comes to fire starting kit, it is no secret that they are a must for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing as part of a survival kit. They come in handy to start a fire easily. A great ferro rod is an essential piece of survival gear.

If you are still confused by the wide range of ferro rods on the market and don’t know how to choose, no worries, please be patient and read this detailed guide to ferrocerium rods. FerroFire has prepared a variety of sizes of flint sticks to meet your needs in different situations.

FERROFIRE has a complete range of flint sticks, containing two kinds of ferro rod flint sticks with and without holes for your DIY. The picture below shows the ferro rods of common hot sizes favored by bushcrafters.

FERROFIRE FERRO ROD size comparison


MINI SIZE – 5/32” x 3”

SHORT SIZE – 3/8” x 3”

LITE SIZE – 3/8” x 4” 

PERFECT SIZE – 1/2” x 4”

LONG SIZE – 1/2” x 5” 

GIANT SIZE – 9/16” x 4”

WHY FERROFIRE Ferro Rods Best for Starting Fire?

There are mainly three reasons for this:

#1. FERROFIRE ferro rods are durable. 

  • Unlike matches, which are rendered useless by rain and snow, a ferro rod will still produce sparks even when wet – and it’s easy to dry with a simple wipe down.
  • The black coating is to protect a ferro rod from oxidation in air, especially in wet air. It needs to be partially scraped off before ignition, please make sure you are striking the inside silver ferrocerium when start a fire.
  • Don’t worry, this device will last you a long time. They can withstand being dropped, stepped on, or even submerged in water without sustaining damage. In survival situations where you may not have access to your usual gear, a ferro rod can be a lifesaver.
FERROFIRE SA02 carbon Ferro Rod Striker Scraper
FERROFIRE SA02 carbon Ferro Rod Striker Scraper


  • Premium flint steel rods made by FEFFOFIRE doesn’t need too long, with short striking distance you can also generate much more hot sparks shower burning at 5,500°F/3,000 ℃.
  • Any flint stick can be used with our universal scraper SA02 for better results—all made of carbon steel with 4 sharp edges, “bite” surface of a ferro rod to generate hot sparks shower with shorter striking distance.


  • Each of FERROFIRE Ferro Rods is soft enough to be scraped into small curls of ferrocerium that can work great as magnesium to ignite a camping fire with more ease, you will no longer need to buy magnesium rod as tinder.
  • Easy to get a good shower of sparks off of them with minimal effort.
  • Premium ferro rods manufactured by SED TECHNOLOGY can be made into your own survival kit, DIY your emergency camping hiking survival fire starter.
FERROFIRE FS124 ferrocerium rod emergency fire starter

Any outdoor trip, expedition, or day out should not be undertaken without a fire tool.

Each of FERROFIRE’s flint sticks is excellent and produces a nice heavy spark with each strike.


Ferro rods are affordable

  • With that said, you may be curious about the price of FERROFIRE Flintstones rods. The quality of FERROFIRE rods can definitely afford its price, broaden your new perception of FERROFIRE rods and light up your passion of bushcraft. Really good value for money!
  • A good flint stick should be used together with an excellent scraper, whether you are a first-timer or not, you can reap the same pleasant feeling of striking.

If you don’t know how to choose, we highly recommend you to purchase our FS124 fire starter–an all-in-one fire starter which includes both our ferrocerium rod carbon steel scraper SA02  and a 1/2″X4″ ferro rod .

FERROFIRE SA01 carbon Ferro Rod Striker Scraper, serrated scraper to make wood tinder, metal silver. made of carbon steel


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FERROFIRE FS124 perfect size camping fire starter with serrated scraper and thicker ferro rod


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We have already introduced FERROFIRE’s hot-selling scraper SA02 and unique high-quality FERROFIRE ferrocerium rod flint sticks. Next,let’s see what kind of combined effects they will produce when used together benefit? ——this also explains why FERROFIRE FS124 fire starter is so popular. Stay tuned!


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