FERROFIRE 3×7 mm Flint Replacements for Gas Welding Spark Lighter (Pack of 200)

Color Black
Material Magnesium

  • FERROFIRE branded flints has a high ignition rate, quite easy to start a camping emergency survival hiking fire in all weather, even in rain and wet condition.
  • These top quality ferrocerium flints can generate sparks shower with longer burning time as well.
  • Each FERROFIRE branded magnesium flint rod’s sparks shower burns at 5,500F (3,000C) temperature.
  • More flint replacement specifications are available in FERROFIRE branded product metrics, including flints for disposable lighter, completely compatible with most of disposable lighter or refillable lighters on market, contact us for more.
  • Magnesium flints made by SED TECHNOLOGY are adopted by most reputed lighter makers over the world since 2012.


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