FERROFIRE 3/8″ x 3″ Ferro Rods Ferrocerium Flint Steel Magnesium DIY EDC Survival Fire Starter (Pack of 5)

  • Too hard rods are hard to make sparks, while too soft rods have poor capability of strikes, FERROFIRE 3/8″ thick ferro rods have a capability up to 12,000 strikes, really a wonderful balance of strikes and hardness.
  • This FERROFIRE 3/8″ x 3″ ferro rod is to let you reduce weight of back pack, while it’s power will be never reduced with a shorter length.
  • Prepare some fat wood as ignition material in advance, you can also strike just once to start a camping fire with sparks shower at 5,500F (3,000C) temperature.
  • A blade or a carbide steel striker made by FERROFIRE can easily make sparks shower, light a camping fire, any weather condition can’t stop your passion of adventure!
  • FERROFIRE branded 3/8″ thick ferro rods can have a capability of strikes up to 12,000.


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