FERROFIRE 1/2″ x 4” Drilled Ferro Rods Flint Steel Ferrocerium Rod with Lanyard Hole for Paracord

  • Too hard rods are hard to make sparks, while too soft rods have poor capability of strikes, FERROFIRE 1/2″ thick drilled ferro rods have a capability up to 15,000 strikes, really a wonderful balance of strikes and hardness.
  • FERROFIRE branded drilled ferro rods are second to none with its stable quality, higher ignition rate, less smoke, and a lanyard hole.
  • A premium flint rod don’t need to long length, 4″ ferrocerium rod of FERROFIRE is quite enough. Prepare some fat wood as ignition material in advance, you can also strike just once to start a camping fire with sparks shower at 5,500F (3,000C) temperature.
  • A blade or a carbide steel striker made by FERROFIRE can easily make sparks shower, light a camping fire, any weather condition can’t stop your passion of adventure!
  • FERROFIRE ferro rods are quite easy to make hot sparks even if a popular length of 4 inch, take a longer rods than 5″ in your back pack will be definitely not good to waste your power, so 4″ long ferro rod is a wise choice for an experienced bushcrafter.


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