How to start a fire with FERROFIRE FS124 ?

1. First of all, the black coating is to protect a ferro rod from oxidation in air, especially in wet air. It needs to be partially scraped off before ignition, please make sure you are striking the inside silver ferrocerium when start a fire.

2. Grab FERROFIRE serrated scraper SA01/SA02 with your dominant hand, with its sharp edge against the rod (scraper SA01/SA02 tilting about 45 degrees relative to the ferro rod), brace your hand on the ground closer to tinder. You will be keeping scraper SA01/SA02 stationary during striking.

3. Grip the ferro rod with your secondary hand, bring it under SA01/SA02, pull the ferro rod toward you, making sure that it rubs against SA01/SA02’s sharp edge, you will find it so easy to generate hot spark shower.

  • We highly recommend using SA01/SA02, instead of a knife to start a fire, SA01/SA02 is designed to save a knife’s life because the spark’s temperature is up to 5,500°F/3,000℃, hot enough to hurt a knife blade. SA01/SA02 can be ordered separately.

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