How long will delivery of each shipping method take?

Standard shipping via China EMS – will be delivered in 8-15 business days.

Expedited shipping via UPS/FEDEX/DHL Express – will be delivered in 4-6 business days.

See <a href=””><u>Shipping Policy</u></a>

What are the delivery charges for orders?

We provide Standard Shipping via China EMS for most countries,it is free shipping. You will find if your country is under the service of China EMS when input your address at checkout.

Which payment methods are accepted?

PayPal, and the popular credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

How secure is shopping in your shop? Is my data protected?

We use uses HTTPS (connection security), which DigiCert is issued by RapidSSL, it makes your payment safe during data transmission.

We abide by all laws to protect your privacy information, see our <a href=””><u>Privacy Policy</u></a>

Do you supply accessories for the fire starter XXL?

You will receive an email of order confirmation with the order details, within 2 business days your order will be processed and shipped, an email of shipment confirmation will be sent to you with tracking number and link.

See <a href=””><u>ShippingPolicy</u></a>

Do you develop fire starter yourself?

Yes, our design team develops the fire starter of FERROFIRE. We understand and respect what qualities make a good piece of outdoor gear because that is where we test them.

I have not used a ceramic striker yet, is it durable?

Absolutely! After stroke the ceramic prototype over 200,000 times we concluded that it was sharp enough to make spark rain by striking ferro rods, not blunt after the tests. Comparing with it some of steel strikers we tested before happened to be blunt after about 8,000 strikes.

Do you manufacture ferro rod yourself?

All FERROFIRE ferro rods are made by SED Internation (SinoSED), the owner of the brand. SED International hasbeen supplying highest quality ferro rods since 2014, many reputed outdoor brands are using our rods, for more information please visit <a href=””><u>SED International</u></a>.

Do you supply accessories for the fire starter XXL?

Some accessories such as windproof match, led light are not allowed to ship by China EMS, we are developing some workable kits that can be shipped. Please keep eyes on us.

We are a dealer, may I sell your products in our stores?

Yes, we are seeking for qualified retailers on global, please <a href=””><u>Contact us</u></a> for further assistance.

Your ferro rods seem very impressive, how to buy them with wholesale price?

We are supplying ferro rod to many individuals who buy rods for his community, the price will be lower according to order quantity. Please <a href=””><u>Contact us</u></a> for further assistance.

I am a blogger with many fans, do you have affiliate program to join?

Welcom! We have a super easy program that can be earn money with your page. Please click <a href=””><u>Affiliate Program</u></a> to join.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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