Before FERROFIRE® registrated by U.S Patent and Trademark Office in Aug. 2016, SED International had develop the unique fire starter FERROFIRE SURVIVAL FIRESTARTER XXL for a long time.

As a symbol of innovative products, FERROFIRE® covers ferrocerium rod, fire starter, survival gears and replaceable flints, which all represent:

  •  Reliability

Comes from verified designs, durable materials, approved polytechnics and stable quality control, and our careful service as well.

  • Practical

No pursuit of saucy appearance, insist of practical principle. Each design aims to make use simpler and easier from the sight of user, instead of producer. Meanwhile FERROFIRE® always attempts to realize multi-function for outdoor adventure.

  • Exquisite

By using accurate polytechnic processing, FERROFIRE® has a long lead on other mediocrity products with lots of efforts on details improve and verification.

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