super big! 1/2 inch replaceable ferro rod is coming!

More and more bushcrafters like thicker ferrocerium rod, after strength tests we are sure the thread is strong enough to prevent from breaking under heavy use, 1/2 inch replaceable ferro rod is proved can work well with FERROFIRE survival fire starter XXL, thus you will soon see a durable well-made fire starter with a bigger […]

What does an embed magnesium rod mean?

The embed design magnesium rod is flammable and not reliable, it is possible to cause fire accident by rubbing against each other. Our design philosophy is the spirit of craftsman and safety first, such a high risk design is contrary to our concept of security. FERROFIRE® is a reliable, practical and sophisticated series of survival […]

Why a ceramic striker?

FERROFIRE® Survival Firestarter XXL is an innovative firestarter, one reason comes from its huge diameter up to 2/5″, We must find a durable striker for it, and the material should be harder to strike sparks and stronger for long-lasting use. From the harness table below it can be seen that industrial ceramic is exactly the proper one, […]


Before FERROFIRE® registrated by U.S Patent and Trademark Office in Aug. 2016, SED International had develop the unique fire starter FERROFIRE SURVIVAL FIRESTARTER XXL for a long time. As a symbol of innovative products, FERROFIRE® covers ferrocerium rod, fire starter, survival gears and replaceable flints, which all represent:  Reliability Comes from verified designs, durable materials, approved polytechnics and stable […]

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