Why a FS124 fire starter is enough for lighting up a fire in any outdoor activities.

FERROFIRE FS124 fire starter works well with gloves on

What’s some of your favorite gear to carry? For most outdoor enthusiasts, building a fire is an essential thing to do. But I’m sure you don’t always want to go through the hassle of making a feather stick or collecting birch bark. That’s where camping fire starters come in. Fire starters are meant to ignite […]

Why Should You Invest in FERROFIRE Ferro Rods Flint Stick and not Black Beard?


FERRO RODS – MUST HAVE FOR EMERGENCY OR CAMPING KITS FERROFIRE has a complete range of flint sticks, containing two kinds of ferro rod flint sticks with and without holes for your DIY. The picture below shows the ferro rods of common hot sizes favored by bushcrafters. WHY FERROFIRE Ferro Rods Best for Starting Fire? […]

How FERROFIRE Ferro Rod Scraper SA02 Better than Black Beards Scraper?

FERROFIRE SA02 carbon Ferro Rod Striker Scraper

The Best Ferro Rod Scraper for Survival Fire Starting FS124 as one of the most popular outdoor survival fire starters on the market today, this perfect combo consists of a 4″ ferrocerium rod at 1/2″ diameter, a superb carbon steel ferro rod scraper SA02 and a reflective 550 paracord lanyard. These  components together make it […]

FS124 ——perfect size, light weight and quite comfortable

FERROFIRE FS124 ferrocerium rod emergency fire starter

FS124 has the perfect size, light weight and quite comfortable to fit in your pocket and can carry it in your Bug-Out bag or camping kit . It’s nice to have the high visibility orange so you don’t get lost on the ground.