Trademark FERROFIRE was registered by USPTO and CNIPA in Aug. 2016, as a symbol of top quality products, FERROFIRE covers ferrocerium rod, survival fire starter, survival gears and replacement flints for disposable lighters.

SED Internationalstarted in 2010 with the production of various knives.

In 2011 SED Internationalbecame strategic partners and shareholders with a commercial ferrocerium manufacturer. Together they restructured and optimized internal factory operations to accommodate SED International’s rapid development of international markets. SED’s independent development and processing of ferrocerium proved to be a tremendous market advantage by allowing them to producing unique products while maintaining top quality.

As the industry has grown so has SED. Thanks to the dedicated hard work and technical expertise of our team, by 2015 SED had transformed into an industry enterprise providing rare earth metal/alloy, mischmetal, ferrocerium, and survival gears.

FERROFIRE® was registered by U.S Patent and Trademark Office in Aug. 2016. As a symbol of innovative products, FERROFIRE® covers ferrocerium rods, fire starters, flint replacements.


Design Utility

At FERROFIRE®, we design practical, trustworthy, and reliable survival gear. We put our designs through rigorous testing and failure analysis and will never sacrifice durability and functionality for flair or gimmick. Instead, our focus is on engineering equipment that is intuitive and functional by design for adventurers in the real world, in real conditions.

Precision Craftsmanship

The team at FERROFIRE® is dedicated to the research and development of products that genuinely offer added protection in an emergency. We are constantly refining our designs and incorporating the latest in precision machining to produce gear that people who love the outdoors can depend on.

Safe and Reliable

No one expects to have an emergency while enjoying the outdoors, but they do happen.
That’s why our number one goal at FERROFIRE® is to create gear that can be depended on when the unexpected happens.


Always for work of craftsman, to be a top bushcraft gear brand with our innovative design and highest quality, assist our clients to be safer and more enjoyable in nature.