An operation of SED TECHNOLOGY

Since 2012 SED TECHNOLOGY has been providing 15 countries/regions all over the world with high quality products:
– light rare earth metals/alloys.
– ferrocerium rods, replacement flints.
– survival fire starters, survival gears.
– folding knives, multi-function tools.


How to define a FERROFIRE product?

  • Design utility
  • Tough
  • Can be relied on


Always for work of craftsman, to be a top bushcraft gear brand with our innovative design and highest quality, assist our clients to be safer and more enjoyable in nature.

Production Capacity

All the ferrocerium rods of FERROFIRE survival fire starters are made by our own factory

  • 3 extrusion lines which output over 1900 ton a year.
  • Unique formula, the perfect balance of amount of huge sparks and strike capacity.
  • Pure oxide rather than chloride, Eco-friendly and harmless to human health.
  • Experienced in custom making irregular shape ferrocerium.