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What’s some of your favorite gear to carry? For most outdoor enthusiasts, building a fire is an essential thing to do. But I’m sure you don’t always want to go through the hassle of making a feather stick or collecting birch bark. That’s where camping fire starters come in. Fire starters are meant to ignite the fire in any weather condition & at any altitude. They are extensively used by people who indulge in camping and other outdoor activities.

In addition to experienced outdoor enthusiasts, lighters are a good choice for many novices or those who need to use lighter tools. Most people don’t know how to choose a ferro rod and striker in the face of ferro rods of various sizes on the market.Then, you might as well try FS124, a very nice all-in -one emergency fire starter. If you’re going picnicking, hiking, or camping etc, one FS124 is enough!  

FS124 is a dark horse among emergency fire starters, and it received a lot of praise when it was launched. Let’s explore why FERROFIRE FS124 fire starter is so well received and what makes it so unique.

“This thing works very well. The rod is nice and thick and easy to hold (women love it too). It throws massive sparks every time and is my go to fire-starter. Good value for money”

“Works really well. Have started about 30 or so fires and the sparks are nice and thick not tiny little ones”

 5 star comments from the buyers

FERROFIRE FS124 ferrocerium rod emergency fire starter

the components of FS124 fire starter

You must be wondering what is so special about FS124 that buyers love it so much. Don’t worry, let’s take a look at how FS124 is composed. FS124 fire starter is mainly composed of three parts, which are 1/2″x4″ drilled ferro rod, a superb SA02 ferro rod striker and reflective 550 paracord lanyard to connect them. From the appearance point of view, there seems no difference from ordinary fire starters. But actually, each component has its own unique strengths that come together to form the great FS124 fire starter. 

Previously we have introduced the advantages of FERROFIRE ferro rods, SA02 ferro rod striker and 550 paracord lanyard respectively. For more detailed information, please click on the search button below the pictures to view them respectively. Today we’ll focus on what  else makes the FS124 a great combination? What else is special about it that you don’t know.

FERROFIRE 1/2" x 4'' Drilled Ferro Rods ,Flint Steel ,Ferrocerium Rod with Lanyard Hole
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FERROFIRE SA02 carbon Ferro Rod Striker Scraper
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FERROFIRE FS124 ferrocerium rod emergency fire starter
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Great combo- ferrofire FS124 fire starter

Three Reasons Why FS124 The Best Fire Starter

1. lightweight and portable

If you’re going picnicking, hiking, or camping etc, be sure to pack a good lighter that doesn’t take up much space. FERROFIRE FS124 fire starter is lightweight and it’s only 115g. FS124 fire starter is composed of 1/2″X4″ ferro rod , superb SA02 ferro rod scraper and 550 paracord lanyard to connect them. 1/2‘’x 4″ ferro rod is perfect and handy size to fit in your pocket and can carry it in your bug-out bag or camping kit. Although it is lightweight, do not underestimate its capacity, it can strike 18,000 times!

FERROFIRE FS124 camping fire starter is portable
FERROFIRE FS124 camping fire starter is portable

2. perfect size, works well even with gloves

Why is this combination great?  One of the advantages that cannot be ignored is that it can work splendidly with gloves. As mentioned before, the size of the flint stick is 1/2 “x4”, which is a suitable size to hold in the palm of your hand, now let’s talk about the size of the SA02 striker. Superb SA02 ferro rod scraper has a nice big size of 17x85mm, large enough to hold in the palm of your hand and even with gloves on.

FERROFIRE FS124 fire starter works well with gloves on
FERROFIRE FS124 fire starter works well with gloves on


Maybe you have no idea about this size of the ferro rod striker, then you first look at the picture on the right. Baiyite’s scraper is one of the best-selling scraper on the market today, but it is too small and short, and its disadvantage is exposed, that is, it can’t work with gloves.

overall length: FERROFIRE striker Vs Bayite striker = 85 Vs 58
striking edges: FERROFIRE striker Vs Bayite striker = 36 Vs 18
length for grip: FERROFIRE striker Vs Bayite striker = 49 Vs 40
From the comparison of the data above, we can clearly conclude FERROFIRE ferro rod scraper length is twice the length of the bayite. In terms of scraper length, handle length and overall length, FERROFIRE ferro rod strikers deserve to be the best!
When wearing gloves to use the striker, if the scraper is not long enough, the glove will cover the scraping edges and make it unusable. Of course, if you use FERROFIRE ferro rod striker don’t need to worry about this problem. FERROFIRE ferro rod striker is so big enough that can be used well with gloves on!

3. all-weather and longevity

FS124 emergency fire starter is designed to be around for the long haul. The rod is coated with a protective black coating, which needs to be scraped off in order to be used. FERROFIRE fire starters are all about longevity. It doesn’t matter how cold, hot, or wet your striker gets. Each of FERROFIRE ferro rods is effective when it’s rainy, snowy, windy or even after dropping into water. They’re designed to withstand extreme conditions, which makes them the perfect tool.

FERROFIRE SA01 carbon Ferro Rod Striker Scraper, serrated scraper to make wood tinder, metal silver. made of carbon steel

By the way, each of FERROFIRE Ferro Rods is soft enough to be scraped into small curls of ferrocerium that can work great as magnesium to ignite a camping fire with more ease, you will no longer need to buy magnesium rod as tinder. The ferro rod striker gets a good “bite” and throw a ton of sparks. This is a hiker, camper or survivalist piece of gear that is a must have. This real ferro rod throws a shower of sparks.


Finally, let’s take a look at how FERROFIRE emergency FS124 fire starter works.

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